Tristan Labelle

As a Software Engineer

I mainly focus on systems programming: graphics, shaders, GPGPU, security, compilers and file formats, but I'm also interested in tools and object-oriented/API design. Modern C++ and C# are my go-to languages. I've worked at Microsoft on the Windows rendering stack and in the video game industry on console titles and development tools. I have been programming since age ~10 and graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Computer Science at McGill University.

See my LinkedIn profile or drop me a mail at contact@tristanlabelle.

As a Musician

I have been playing the piano since age 16 or so, first focusing on video game music and later widening to arranging jazz and latin standards.

See my YouTube channel.

As a Language Enthusiast

I devote good parts of my free time to studying and practicing languages, as well as attending language practice groups. I currently speak French, English and Spanish fluently, plus German and Portuguese conversationally.

As a Traveler

I enjoy nature through hiking and trekking, and I discover the wider world through its people. I am an adventure backpacker participating in Couchsurfing both as a host and as a guest.