I am a software developer from Montreal specialized in the video games and simulation domains. I am passionnate about 3D graphics, network programming, tool development and game logic. I excel in modern and idiomatic C++ and C# programming.

I have worked in the video game industry at Electronic Arts and Behaviour Interactive on titles such as Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel, WET, MySims SkyHeroes and Rango, which brought me to develop for the PC, Wii and Xbox 360. I have also worked in the simulation domain at Presagis on a satellite imagery display system similar to Google Earth.

I have one or two projects going on at all times by which I explore modern technologies and algorithms. Through such projects, I have explored compilers, shaders, parallelism, assembly language and file formats. Numerous team projects have given me care to always produce idiomatic and high quality code, regardless of the technology being used. It is important for me to be constantly aware of current technologies and development methods.

I am presently completing a B.Sc. of Computer Science at the McGill University and I am available and interested in software development internship opportunities.

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