Tristan Labelle

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As a Software Engineer

I am especially passionate about architecture and API design, and have experience with graphics, shaders, compilers, game development and security. Modern C++ and C# are my go-to languages. My work experiences include the Visual Studio C++ Developer Experience team, the Direct3D HLSL Compiler team, the Windows Composition and Rendering team, and gameplay and tools programming in the video game industry. I have been programming since age 10 and graduated in 2014 with a BSc in Computer Science with honours at McGill University.

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As a Musician

I started playing piano in middle school, with a repertoire covering latin music, jazz standards and video game music arrangements.

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As a Polyglot

I devote good parts of my free time to studying languages and attending language conversation groups. I am fluent in French, English and Spanish, and conversational in German, Portuguese and Italian.

As a Traveler

I enjoy nature through hiking, biking, camping and trekking. I discover the wider world through its people, their culture and their languages.