Tristan Labelle

Who am I?

Thus far I have been a software engineer (by passion and by profession), a pianist, a polyglot (FR/ES/PT/DE/IT/ZH), a toastmaster, a backpacker, a salsa dancer, a flying trapezist, and other unsuspected things. Born and raised in Montréal, Canada. Based in the US since 2014.

What am I up to?

As of July 2024, I am…

  • 🏙️ Living in and exploring New York
  • 💼 Working at The Browser Company as the engineering manager on the developer infrastructure team, supporting the Swift toolchain and developer experience for product engineers working on the Arc web browser
  • 🀄 Studying Mandarin Chinese
  • 💻 Developing Swift/WinRT as a side project
  • 📚 Reading books and listening to audiobooks across a variety of genres
  • 🤗 Hosting friends, family and Couchsurfers

How can you get a hold of me?

Want to chat about life or need code for an interesting project? I love meeting like- (and alien-)minded people! Send me an email, look me up on LinkedIn, follow me on GitHub, listen to my music on YouTube, or book a slot in my calendar.