Tristan Labelle

A selection of projects I have been involved in.

  •  swift-winrt

    A WinRT projection for Swift.more...
    Fall 2023+
    Skills: Swift, WinRT
  •  swift-dotnetmetadata

    A Swift library for reading and inspecting .NET metadata.more...
    Summer 2023
    Skills: Swift, .NET
  •  Machine Learning Infrastructure

    AWS EMR / PySpark infrastructure for running machine learning workloads.more...
    Dec 2022Berkindale Analytics
    Skills: AWS EMR, Apache Spark, Python
  •  Financial Analytics API

    Backend work on a REST API for the Canadian stock market.more...
    Nov - Dec 2022Berkindale Analytics
    Skills: AWS, REST, TypeScript, Java, Python, Parquet
  • 📱 Solfear Mobile App

    A musical ear training Android app built using C# and Avalonia.more...
    Fall 2022
    Skills: C#, .NET Core, Avalonia
  • 🌐 This Website

    A new version of my personal website using more web technologies.more...
    November 2022
    Skills: Next.js, Node.js, React, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Markdown, DNS
  • 🌐 Web Development Coaching with Refugees

    Volunteered at bootcamps teaching web dev to refugees in Zürich, Switzerland.more...
    Fall 2022HiCoders & Powercoders
    Skills: Teaching, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • 💬 Francophiles French Conversation Club

    Organized a French conversation club in Querétaro, México, reaching 20+ participants.more...
    H1 2022
    Skills: Organizing
  • 🎹 Jazz Piano & Composition Studies

    Studied jazz piano and musical composition in Querétaro, México.more...
    H1 2022Centro de Estudios Musicales
    Skills: Piano, Music Theory, Composition, Orchestration
  •  Internationalization and Localization Certificate

    A University of Washington certificate via EdX.more...
    Spring 2020EdX
    Skills: internationalization, localization
  • 💻 NetGrowth Networking Platform

    Built and ran a Microsoft-internal networking platform inspired by
    Summer 2021Microsoft
    Skills: Initiative, Pitching, C#
  •  64-bit Visual Studio 2022

    Ported the Visual C++ IDE's build, packaging and testing systems to 64 bits, a top customer demand.more...
    Winter 2021Microsoft
    Skills: Build Systems, Automation, Azure DevOps, MSBuild, Debugging, C#, C++
  • 💬 Toastmasters Club Presidency

    Assumed presidency of the Microsoft Early Birds public speaking club, leading to President's Distinguished award.more...
    H2 2020 & H1 2021Toastmasters
    Skills: Leadership, Public Speaking, Initiative
  •  Visual Studio Codespaces (Cancelled)

    Refactored the Visual C++ IDE to asynchronous interfaces and the language server protocol to support a client/server model.more...
    Skills: API Design, Asynchrony, C#, .NET, MEF, JSON-RPC, LSP, C++
  •  Visual Studio C++ Global Readiness

    Championed compliance and raised the team's awareness of international market and language considerations.more...
    2020 - 2021Microsoft
    Skills: Internationalization, Localization, Unicode, Leadership, Teaching, Presenting
  •  Xbox One X Shader Compiler Support for Ray Tracing

    Stood up ray tracing support for the Xbox One X shader compiler.more...
    Spring 2019Microsoft
    Skills: C++, Compilers, LLVM, Clang, AMDGPU Assembly, HLSL
  •  "Super Wet Ink" Rendering for Windows 10

    Implemented the fastest ink rendering on the market, with sub-frame latency.more...
    Skills: Direct3D 12, Concurrency, C++
  •  HDR Rendering for Windows 10

    Implemented high dynamic range (HDR) rendering and color space conversions.more...
    H2 2016?Microsoft
    Skills: Direct3D 11, HLSL, C++, HDR, Color Spaces
  •  Windows​.UI​.Composition​.Effects API

    Designed and implemented the Windows.UI.Composition.Effects API, supporting the Fluent design language.more...
    Skills: API Design, C++, WinRT, Direct3D 11, HLSL
  •  GPGPU Rigid Body Simulation

    A physics simulation of stacking spheres accelerated using the GPU.more...
    Winter 2014McGill University
    Skills: C#, HLSL, Direct3D 11, DirectCompute, GPGPU
  •  McCli MatLab to .NET IL Compiler

    A compiler that turns MatLab code into .NET bytecode.
    Winter 2014McGill University
    Skills: C#, .NET, MatLab, IL, Compilers
  •  GPGPU Ray Tracer

    A ray tracer with multiple lights, reflections and various shapes running on the GPU.more...
    Fall 2013McGill University
    Skills: Java, OpenGL, GLSL
  •  CS Games 2012 Captaincy

    Built and lead the McGill team that won second place.
    February 2012McGill
    Skills: leadership
  •  Orion Real-Time Strategy Game

    A real-time strategy (RTS) game with a multiplayer mode and AI opponents.more...
    Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
    Skills: C#, .NET, OpenGL, Sockets, UDP, AI, Pathfinding, A*